Note on the Presidential reference-Ejaz Afzal

imagesTransparency in the Judicial Commission (JC) proceedings cannot have holding them in-camera if every member purposely and diligently gives his input within the judicial nomination according to its overall effect on the institution in addition to society, Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan opined in the separate note around the presidential reference. Throughout the path of arguments, Justice Ejaz Afzal authored, he requested the president’s counsel that whenever the proceedings in the the house in view of the provision contained  from constitution don’t become invalid on the ground that some persons who weren’t titled to sit, vote or else be a part of them, sitting, chosen and required part in them, the way the JC proceedings may become invalid about this score, his reply could be that the proceedings in the former situation don’t become invalid because it’s been so provided in the article but there’s nothing of this sort from the constitution. The note stated the truth is the counsel’s own answer the bench’s query with regards to Article 67 barricaded his method to have a U-turn. Though he thrown to another argument by posting the constitutional provisions need to be construed in general and never in isolation, wouldn’t it constitute any assistance to him.