NY police Detain 68 Protesters of Occupy Wall street Movement

NEW YORK: New York police detained 68 Occupy Wall Street protesters overnight after activists poured back into the Manhattan square where their movement started last year, police said Sunday.

Police started to arrest protesters when one man attacked a police officer with scissors.

“There were 68, including one felony assault,” a spokesman for the New York Police Department said. “They were mostly charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstruction of government administration.”

Hundreds of supporters of the Occupy movement went to Zuccotti Park in the Financial District to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Occupy Wall Street Movement raises the voice against country’s financial and political elites who have too much power over ordinary people

The Occupy movement took its cue from mass protests against budget cuts and unemployment in Europe and says it is also inspired by democracy revolutions in North Africa.