Offensive language in NA

LAHORE: on Friday national assembly experienced another messy session when members from both corners of the benches exchanged ill-mannered language against one another sources informed.

The session was delayed for about 10 minutes but resumed after half an hour.

Assembly hall was giving the look of a fish market where legislators were much upset on the long absence of the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif from assembly and also mourned over the death of people because of drug reactions.

PML-Q’s samina Khawar Hayat at the start of the session termed Shahbaz Sharif as “Qatil-e-Aala” and was interrupt by another member Shiekh Allaudin. Slogans were also raised by treasury members against her.

In anger samina called Allaudin as Lota and make use of abusive language and in return she got reply from Allaudin in more offensive words.