Open letter-From Zaid Hamid to Imran Khan

local-f33dc932ecae16f58cc92a66da7cc5cdSyed Zaiduzzaman Hamid a.k.a Zaid Hamid, a questionable security consultant and political commentator, that has positively been belittled for his absurd claims and ideas has lately developed another problem by writing instructions to Imran Khan regarding his interview in India a couple of days ago.

Hamid, who according to his claims is really a  strong opponent asia, claims the 26/11/2008 were a part of an enormous propaganda completed by strong affiliation between your Intelligence agencies RAW, Mossad and also the CIA.

Hamid, together with his “Open Letter” has seriously belittled Imran Khan for his interview proclaiming that his remarks regarding reducing military budget within Pakistan appeared childish which Imran Khan’s so known as Tsunami would destroy Pakistan instead of supplying any help to the country.