Ousted Egyptian President Mubarak’s Trial Resumes

Dethroned Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was on Wednesday arrived at court by ambulance. His murder trial resumes after a three-month pause. If 83-year-old Mubarak is found guilty, he could get the death penalty.

State television broadcasted his arrival in the court. He was dressed in white and covered in a blanket and was taken out of vehicle on a stretcher.

The trial was held at a police academy in the outskirts of Cairo where 5,000 security troops were deployed.

Ousted president is in custody of Egyptian military and accused of ordering the killing of some 850 people who died during protests that overthrew him in February.

A few supporters of former President of Egypt were present outside the court.

Huge number of family members carrying the pictures of their deceased loved ones protested in front of the court.