Pahari set freed from Jail

Ajmal-PahariBased on Central Jail , Pahari has been set free after he was found innocent or acquiring bail in most cases registered against him. He’d been detained for the last four several weeks under the  (MPO).Earlier, Shahnawaz alias Ajmal Pahari through his counsel posted he has been in detention under section 3 (1) from the West Pakistan MPO, 1960 since 20-9-2012 because of arrogant reasons with no justification or validity. Pahari, who had been arrested on 18-3-2011 and was found innocent in eleven charges of violent crime. He pleaded to the court he was granted bail in four remaining cases, but despite acquittal law enforcement still detain him unlawfully without making up a Board under Section 5 (9) of MPO.  Crime Investigation Department’s (CID) Anti Extremist Cell (AEC) arrested him in March 2011 from New Karachi.