Pakistan and India will begin new visa regime

passport_whitestar_670The India High Commission (IHC) in Islamabad while highlighting the implementation of the facility from 15th January stated the visa on arrival could be available daily between 10am to 4pm to Pakistani passport holders in excess of 65 years old, crossing by walking, limited to Attari Immigration Check post and never through every other immigration/border point. The Indian High Commission described further Pakistani passport holders in excess of 65 years old can use this facility to go to around India except Indian-held Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala along with other prohibited areas. This facility could be acquired for that sole objective to go to India to satisfy buddies or relatives. This facility can’t be acquired for business, medical, conference, employment, pilgrim or other purpose, stated the IHC pr release. For that latter category, candidates can approach the IHC in Islamabad and make an application for Indian visa, according to the process.