Pakistan athlet breaks rowing world record

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani athletic master Mohammad Zubair broke the world record of individual longest continual rowing in Pakistan when he rowed 10 hours straight at a private fitness club. Under the supervision of both international and national rowing umpires from Pakistan Rowing Federation, the 31-year-old Mohammad Zubair broke the previous record of 7 hours 11 minutes and 22 seconds held by an Australian on the Concept II indoor rowing machine. He stopped short of completing 100 kilometers for which he started again to finish the remaining 1,200 meters in roughly six minutes. The record in this age group and weight category was of Shane Usher, Melbourne, Australia.  All necessary conditions had been met for continuous rowing and to break the record in single distance or timed pieces without intervals and starting from a nonmoving flywheel with the machine placed on a level surface. Umpires occasionally checked the performance meter attached to the machine to record distances. By the time Mohammad Zubair broke the record he had rowed 72 kilometers. That was equal to 13 laps of the Rawal Lake or rowing from Islamabad to as far as Mansehra.