Pakistan gas and oil results elevated in 2012

Crisis-480x238Throughout the outgoing twelve months 2012, country’s gas production that adds approximately. 50% in Pakistan energy mix increased by 4% to typically 4.2bcfd from 2011 average gas manufacture of 4.1bcfd. However, other gas fields like Qadirpur, Zamazama, Mari had brought their due hands. However, natural decline in main fields namely Sui and Sawan combined with reduce production from Tal block diluted its impact. Around the oil front, average production increase with a decent 10% to 71.6k barrels each day this year from 64.9k this year. It had been 70.4k in 2007. Improvement this year was largely credited to Nashpa area. Throughout 2012 Nashpa area of Naspha block situated in KPK region from the Pakistan, was the star artist for that sector. “Thanks to favorable outcomes of its evaluation wells, fields production elevated with a mammoth 109% to above 11k bpd compared to 5.5k bpd this past year,” stated Khan.

Other notable increase also originated from Adhi fields since it’s production rose with a decent 16%. Balance spoken about, Tal block production elevated with a mere 3%, despite commissioning of Makori East for the finish of the season. Though, we keep having conviction within the block’s potential but commissioning of Makori CPF (Central Processing Facility) holds its key. Moving forward, near-term trigger was likely to originate from materialization production from Sinjhoro fields, Mamikhel-2 and Maramzai-2, while enhanced production from Naspha, Adhi and Mela fields wer also occasions to help keep a track. Among the listed companies, OGDC’s average gas production elevated with a decent 14% this year largely credited to KPD-TAY effect, while its oil production increased by 7%. PPL carried out well within the oil showing a rise of 12% however, its gas production rejected by 4% because of subdued performance of Sui and Sawan.