Pakistani doctor killed himself after shooting his family : Houston

HOUSTON: A Pakistani doctor and a US resident for more than 20 years, who shot himself and also tried to kill his family on Sunday, was facing financial crisis. According to details, the suspect Dr Sardar Shaikh, 47 fatally shot himself after he tried to kill his family. As result of firing, his daughter Jacqueline Shaikh, 11 died on the spot while his wife Maria Isabel Gorena, 43 and the other daughter Vivian Shaikh, 14 were severly injured. The two surviving family members were in critical condition at Ben Taub General Hospital. HPD Homicide Division Sergeant W. Bush and Officer C. Sturdivant reported that Gorena called 911 to report a shooting at her residence, stating her husband had hot her and the couple’s two children. She stated she believed the husband had also shot himself. Responding officers found suspect Shaikh deceased in front of the residence with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Officers found Jacqueline inside. Paramedics transported Vivian and Maria to the hospital. The investigators were unable to determine the motive for shooting. Investigators attempted to get more information about the incident from Gorena who was also at Ben Taub General Hospital. Gorena was physically able to talk, but was shaken paralyzed due to head injury.

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