Pakistan’s MFN move supported

Farida-Rashid1-300x224Leader IWCCI Farida Rashid, Speaking to world of business, she stated the move signifies that government has realized the undesirable impact of mixing politics with business around the economy, Many people see MFN as granting huge credits overseas that is wrong really this means that both nations won’t discriminate against one another she stated adding that people should have the ability to purchase and sell items from India as possible use every other country. Farida Rashid stated that Indian goods will give you some respite to Pakistanis whose buying energy continues to be eroded because of host of reasons. Furthermore, our industry would access the big Indian market having a great subscriber base, she added.MFN will reduce trade cost because of economical transportation, accessibility to recyclables and machinery that will cut the price of conducting business in Pakistan leading to enhanced competition and productivity in our industry. The Leader IWCCI stated that why this part of world progress when intra-regional trade stands at five percent that is pointless.