Parliament is supreme institution in democracy-Chandio

images (1)Federal Minister for Political Matters Maula Bakhsh Chandio stated that Parliament is supreme institution to in democracy to make sure accountability associated with a public representatives and condition institutions. Speaking to personal television channel, he stated that in democratic regime the role of opposition has paramount to raise voice for accountability and transparency. Responding to some question, he stated that in existence of independent judiciary and free media accountability isn’t question in Pakistan. He added that continuity of democratic product is solution of problem, that also keep up with the freedom of speech in the society. The minister stated that democratic government authorities hadn’t completed their democratic tenure in past. He stated that in past decades political figures have supported the dictatorial routines for their vested interest as well as preferred these to derailed democracy in Pakistan. He added that We got democracy after the much struggle and sacrifices of top leadership of (PPP), including other political parties, we’d not allow anyone to harm the democratic institutions in the country.