People should express solidarity with Kashmiris-Munawwar

NationobservesKashmirSolidarityDay_8328-349x238In a statement here on Sunday, Munawwar stated the cowardly rulers in Islamabad have been betraying the bloodstream from the Kashmiri martyrs during the last 5 years by ongoing Pervez Musharraf’s Kashmiri policy but New Delhi demonstrated its enmity towards America at each step.He stated India’s foreign and interior ministers accepted the participation of extremist Hindu groups within the bloodletting of Muslims however the Pakistani rulers hadn’t the courage to protest over that.Munawar Hasan stated that to be able to free Kashmir from India’s illegal occupation, the entire nation would need to decide to try the roads and prove that they are using the Kashmiris, and wouldn’t spare any sacrifice for that liberation of Kashmir.The JI Ameer also informed the champions around the globe peace their double standards according from the Muslims as well as their anti-Muslim guidelines were uncovered, plus they must abandon their biased approach regarding the Muslims making honest efforts to liberate Kashmir and Palestine.