Playing spinners on coaching pitches was a dissimilar confront: Strauss

DUBAI: England Skipper Andrew Strauss under duress a 3-0 beating imposed by Pakistan was not all destiny and darkness for his team, hopeful they study from their faults and go on.

Pakistan punched England by 71 runs in the 3rd and last Test Monday to close an forceful 3-0 succeed

Strauss, beneath whom England had not misplaced a Test series as their 1-0 beat in the Caribbean in February 2009, said examination must be follow on the squad beat.

It’s extremely significant we de-brief this trip extremely carefully, like we perform on any trip and study several lessons and don’t walk away if that’s staring at us in the face. But at the same time it’s not all doom and gloom, you don’t become a awful side during the night, Strauss said after the beat.

England, who increased to number 1 in Test rankings in August previous year after successful their last 6 series, sustained to great effort in Asian circumstances with Pakistani spinners Saeed Ajmal and Abdul Rehman demolishing them in the series.

Clearly, the confront are unusual, English sides normally have not played fine in these kind of circumstances in the past, we require to break that custom and we are not going to act that by doing the similar things, said Strauss.

It is also significant for the players to begin turning their notice in the direction of Sri Lanka in the specific c confronts. There cannot be the similar confront as here, but they will be a little dissimilar in terms of the circumstances etc, so we require to study lessons from this.

If you are a fine sufficient player you discover a method, it can get you a week or so finding a way you don’t create the same faults again. We haven’t been fine sufficient or fast sufficient to adjusting our game, that’s for certain, Strauss said.