PM can’t be arrested-No Proof

nab_chairman_fasih_bokhari_afp_300However, throughout the hearing on Thursday, the NAB chairman adopted a defiant posture from the court and stated the reviews were without complete record from the situation. Bokhari also stated the analysis officials had labored in “haste” and didn’t provide proof within their reviews.Bokhari told the bench the research in to the 2010 RPPs weren’t ready, saying it invested some time to locate evidence to prosecute people allegedly involved. However, the main justice ignored the NAB’s report as unsatisfactory and purchased Bokhari to report fifteen minutes later using the situation files to ensure that a legal court could itself explain evidence that may make up the foundation of prosecution.

The main justice stated a legal court had released an order for those people accused in the situation, not only for that PM. He stated the implementation from the court’s ruling in the situation have been pending since March 2012 and Bokhari had been released a notice for contempt of court. He observed that NAB required to justify why the court’s directives was not implemented.