PM Son-In-Law; Unfair promotion

Pakistan's Prime Minister-elect Raja Pervez Ashraf waves to media in IslamabadIt had been very surprising to see that how Pm Raja Parvez Ashraf boy-in-law Raja Azeem-ul-Haque, has promotions recently. He’s been elevated to Grade-21 from Grade-18 within 4 years and today he’s been nominated, from turn, executive director of World Bank in Washington. Because of Top Court of Pakistan it has take serious notice of the problem and also has summoned Raja Azeem-ul-Haque.

Based on media reviews the fast promotions of Raja Azeem-ul-Haque within the last couple of years have elevated many eye brows. Raja Azeem was being employed as Grade-18 officer in the Tax Group when PPP got power in 2008. After PPP created government Raja Azeem left the task and was hired through the Employees Old-age Benefit Institution (EOBI) in grade-20 about 2 years ago.

When Raja Perviaz Ashraf became Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Raja Azeem was promoted to Grade-21. He’s also now becoming additional secretary at prime minister’s secretariat. Media reviews also stated that batch-mates of Raja Azeem have been in grade 18 as they  are in grade 21, that has happened the very first time within the good reputation for civil service.