PML (N) Successful Show in Gujranwala

GUJRANWALA: PML (N) has shown its full strength her in Gujranwala stadium, which was overflowing to its capacity. Different leader of PML (N) addressed huge gathering and appreciated their participation. Almost all the central leadership was present at the occasion but only few got the opportunity to address. Ch Nisar, opposition leader in National Assembly addressed before Nawaz Shareef and challenged the PTI leadership to come and see the eagerness of the people of Gujranwala and also reminded him about the assets issue, he challenged in Faisalabad address.

PML-N president Nawaz Sharif while addressing the rally here said he was reminded of the day of the long march. Sharif said he was proud of the people of Gujranwala and the city was a stronghold of PML (N).  The PML (N) president said the nation is facing numerous challenges and suffering a lot due to this corrupt PPP government. “Corruption is at its highest level in Pakistan,” Sharif said. Sharif added that the government keeps on raising the prices of gas and electricity, but failed to provide these services. “If we were in government there would no gas or electricity shortage and these problems would have been solved.”

He specially addressed the youth of the city and assured them to resolve their problems on priority.