Pollution in Sindh is due to industrial waste

Environment Protection Agency Director General Rafiuddin Ghouri called the general environment position in Sindh as unsatisfactory and stated that industrial effluent was the primary supply of leading to negative effect on the environment of the province. The Environmental protection agency has made the decision to determine it divisional level officials at Larkana, Sukkur and Mirpurkhas to initiate action to reduce the risks of environment pollution and make awareness one of the people about environment hazards that are risks for their live, he stated. The Environmental protection agency director general expressed these remarks while indicating his sights in a public discussion on environment pollution that was arranged with a pharmaceutical company at a nearby hotel yesterday. The steps started to date to reduce the risks of environment pollution are inadequate because the industrial effluent being disposed from industrial section of Kotri may be the threat towards the live of those from the area. Sindh Government has created a committee under supervision from the Commissioner Hyderabad Division Ahmed Bux Narejo, which began its designated task. He informed and added that Environmental protection agency had released notice to 3,500 industrial facilities from the province this past year on control of breach from the laws and regulations of environment control.