Post Nifaz-e-Shareeat Stances

Post Nifaz-e-Shareeat Stances

Assalam O Alaikum Everyone!

Just a question hitting my mind although no ambiguities about it, but want it to spread through social media and maybe someone picks it up on the mainstream media.

The question to TTP is as follows:

If Shariyat is implemented in the country according to your demand, SHARIYAT has rules for DEYAT and Qisas as well as rulings for killing the innocents. After the implementation of Shariya, will the TTP and its followers present themselves for QISAS as they have killed innocent humans and there is no DEYAT for FASAD FIL ARZ rather they HAVE TO BE HANGED CAPITALLY.

DEYAT was for Raymond Davis and if TTP comes up with the argument of immunity via DEYAT, its a lame argument. And if they dont agree to surrender and present themselves before Shariya to embrace the Capital Punishment, they want a SELECTIVE SHARIYA.

Please contribute.