Protest in Islamabad

ISLAMABD: on Monday a violent protest against the backbreaking hike in gas taxes and CNG shutdown broke out in Islamabad.

Transporters, commuters and general public at large came out shared the agitation and condemn the Government for their” good for nothing Policies”

Islamabad expressway was blocked by the protestors for the non-availability of public transport for the people and suspends traffic. They also blocked the twin city connector Faizabad flyover.

The protestors were so aggressive and throw stones on the passing vehicles. Earlier, the expressway near Khana Bridge was blocked by them.

Mainly protestors were commuters who were waiting for transport since 6am and were hopeless but not finding any vehicle till 9am. Tense over the situation and people blocked the part of expressway and protested against the transport strike publicize for Monday by the transporters.

Protest against the closure of CNG was also observed in Bara Kahu area where the aggressors blocked the main Shahrah-e-Kashmire.

Near Rawat G.T road was also blocked by the protestors by parking trailers all over the road.