Punjab Govt setup schools for poor students

School-dfdfdfdfeee5Punjab government setup the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) in 1991 to increase the ability of gratis education, as much as Matriculation via a result-oriented type of Public Private Partnership (PPP) within the province.

This educational model continues to be introduced together with the reduced-cost private schools, employed in poor places supplying free education towards the students with assistance of government grants or loans. Under the Public Private Partner model, three different need-based educational programs happen to be brought to encourage poor parents to enroll their children to schools where fee every month is compensated and books are supplied through the PEF.Consequently of those initiatives, as many as 1.5 million deserving students, 52 percent who are women, are gaining access to free education in 4,700 partner schools in 36 districts from the Punjab province. Punjab Education Foundation is decided to achieve to new children that aren’t attending schools because of various socio-economic constraints. Under NSP, government would target areas that have a minimal literacy rate and greatest from school (OOS) ratio. The program is functioning based on PPP method of deliver quality education towards the community, through the community emphasizing on illiterate girls.