Punjab power riots: Cases registered

LAHORE: Police in the Punjab province have registered cases against more than 4,000 persons allegedly involved in the loadshedding riots and vandalism that took place on Monday. The enraged protesters attacked, looted and damaged train, banks, shops and CNG stations when protests went violent in different cities of the Punjab. Tempers and temperatures soared on Monday as incessant power outages continued against the backdrop of scorching heat. Frustrated protesters took to the roads across the country to voice their exasperation, with many cities in the Punjab witnessing ransacking, looting and widespread vandalism. A train was set ablaze in Gujranwala and several Wapda offices were ransacked. Protest demonstrations and rallies were held across the country against very long hours of unannounced loadshedding in the country. Three people were killed and nine others were injured in firing on a mob protesting against the power outages in Khanewal. The private guards of Adviser to Prime Minister Ahmad Yar Hiraj and chairman of Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) MNA Hamid Yar Hiraj of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q, opened direct fire on the protesters from the rooftop of their residence, situated in the Civil Lines, Khanewal. After the sad incident, situation in the city became very tense and people, including traders and students, staged a demonstration against the killings.