Quetta blast-funeral of victims

funeral of quetta blat victimsThe town is putting on gloomy outlook today where security is on high alert after three explosive device blasts wiped out 96 people and wounded over 170 persons on Thursday evening. Police told the blasts that happened at Rehmattullah Chowk on Alamdar Road were suicide blasts. Explosive device disposal squad told that 25 kilos of explosives were utilized in the remote-controlled explosive device which was fixed within vehicle. The very first suicide bomber detonated his device in the crowded snooker club, then about ten minutes later another bomber outdoors your building contained in a vehicle detonated himself when police, media employees and save teams were busy in Balochistan government has introduced three-day mourning within the killing of 96 persons in twin suicide attacks on Alamdar Road and something remote-controlled blast at Bacha Khan Chowk. Meanwhile, the provincial government has introduced compensation for those beneficiaries of blast sufferers. Rescue efforts. 84 persons were killed and most 100 were wounded both in the blasts.