Red meat is selling at high prices by butcher’s own will

untitledRed meat has become dearer for common guy as butchers are violating official cost list and selling it in their own sweet will. The citizens from the city happen to be facing problems to get red meat at greater prices because of indifference attitude of presidency authorities and department concerned to manage the costs from the food items. Based on official cost list released by City District Government Rawalpindi (CDGR), beef cost is bound at Rs 260 per kg and mutton at Rs 460 per kg. However, beef has been offered through the butchers in most the town’s marketplaces from Rs 350 to 370 while mutton at Rs 550 to 650 per kilogram, thus making outdoors mockery of official cost list. Because the DCO Saqib Zafar and the brigade of SPMs appears to become helpless, butchers blamed exporters for creating lack of creatures in the united states as well as in the marketplaces. The butchers credited severe lack of goat’s and cattle for their exports, and stated the exporters weren’t only purchasing meat in huge amounts however they jacked up prices too.