Rehman Malik should be captured-Qadri

493027-tahirulqadriafp-1357985047-807-640x480In a press conference at Lahore, Minhajul Quran Worldwide (MQI) chief Tahurul Qadri requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) to consider suo motu action against Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik for spreading terrorism. In the press conference, the MQI chief demonstrated a relevant video in which Rehman Malik mentioned that there is a forthcoming threat against Qadri in the long march. Qadri additionally added that Malik didn’t simply say there can be a panic attack rather you will see one. Then he requested the courts to do something against Malik for the reason he was distributing terrorism. He asked for that Malik should be arrested and jailed. He further added when Malik has plentiful details of terrorist attacks in the country, he should be completely asked and every information should be shared. Within the press conference, Qadri also asked the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) to be a part of his long march.