Restoration of damaged art work-PNCA

pnca--The Nation’s Memorial of Pakistan National Council from the Arts (PNCA) has built a completely furnished laboratory for restoration of broken works of art and artworks. Based on the official at PNCA, the project got allocation of Rs 6.402 million for in annual budget 2012-13, and so the council planned to established a laboratory to revive that actually works that was broken because of extreme the weather, transportation, natural disaster or mishandling. The Nation’s Memorial has a very valuable treasure of works of art of artwork collected during a period of time. They are regularly displayed for public viewing and wish day to day maintenance. They of experts was focusing on these projects from last 24 months and the quantity of grant gave the encouragement to carry on the work they do for maintaining the visual arts record. The grant allotted with this project would ultimately help the promotion of culture in the country and let the people associated with this area, he added. In connection with this, the nation’s Memorial continues to be frequently organizing training courses to coach stakeholders throughout Pakistan to coach youthful applicants yet others thinking about from national and native experts.