Russian police Arrest Dozens of New Year’s Rally Protesters

Moscow: Russian police arrested dozens of protesters who were trying to attend a Moscow rally. Police pushed forcefully at least 15 demonstrators onto their buses who came to attend the rally of protest against the results of recent parliamentary elections in central Moscow, reports said.

Eduard Limonov, an opposition leader and author who has been detained at several end-of-month rallies calling for more democratic freedoms are included among the arrested protesters.

These protests aim to oppose recent parliamentary elections won by PM Vladimir Putin’s ruling party. Small protests were also reported in other Russian cities.

All the protesters were wearing white ribbons, the sign of ongoing protest and these ribbons were also appeared on blogs, cars and in buttonholes.

Protest rallies take place on the last day of each month with 31 days, defend Article 31 of Russia’s constitution, which guarantees the right of assembly.