Sale of ailing cattle meat

CattleSale of ailing cattle meat is ongoing unchecked in Pir Wadhai. The majority of the butchers can sell meat of ailing, weak and close to dying creatures around areas of Pir Wadhai. This unclean meat is offered towards the suppliers of hands driven buggies at cheap rate who market it by means of tikka and kabab towards the people originating from on and on with other metropolitan areas at bus terminal. They’re in hurry plus they cannot check the standard from the meat, therefore, they have to get these takatak fleshy meals because they can’t afford our prime listed food within the hotels. When the unscrupulous butchers aren’t introduced under check through the district administration a fatal epidemic may engulf the region of Pir Wadhai and it is vicinities, stated several citizens while recording their protest. The people required crack lower around the elements involved with purchase of effected meat.