Sana Khan: Saying goodbye to a rising star

They say every model has a moment. For Sana Khan that moment was now, until tragedy struck and she was taken away from us.

She was young, beautiful, a rising star with oodles of potential to make it big in the fashion world. Those who knew her, remember her for her vivacious personality and great attitude.

Sana Khan, crowned one of the winners of the Miss Veet Super Model Contest (Pakistan’s version of the Next Top Model series) made her debut in the fashion industry with a bang.

She and her husband got into a tragic car accident yesterday that resulted in her death and the hospitalisation of her husband who is currently in critical condition.

Here several members of the fashion industry who knew her talk about the impact this young beauty made on their lives and the grief they feel at her passing.

Frieha Altaf/former model, PR queen, talent manager, and entrepreneur

  Frieha Altaf - File photo
Frieha Altaf – File photo

“Sana Khan came to me when I was organising the second Miss Veet Super Model contest. She immediately got shortlisted as one of the top 10 finalists. She went on to win the contest at the main event for her height, walk, and photogenic ability.”

“She worked with our modeling agency, Cats, doing fashion weeks, shoots and commercials. It was at the Porsche Polo fashion show last night that I heard of her untimely demise.”

I’m still in shock and saddened by this tragic incident. I wish her family my condolences and may she rest in peace. I’m getting letters and messages from everyone who knew her.”

Tapu Javeri, photographer

  Tapu Javeri - File photo
Tapu Javeri – File photo

“So very saddened by Sana’s untimely death, she was such a beautiful and lively person. I remember meeting her at the Veet Miss Super Model contest where she was an innocent girl with wide-eyed dreams of stardom.”

“Her beauty and talent was not to be denied and she ended up winning that show. Her death is a real loss to Pakistan. She was a rising star in the acting world that has been now harshly silenced.”

Nadia Hussain, supermodel and entrepreneur

  Nadia Hussain - File photo
Nadia Hussain – File photo

“I met her at the Miss Veet contest where I was a judge. She was a quiet soul but from her eyes she was very intense. She had the most innocent smile and she won the contest due to her supreme elegance on the catwalk.”

“It is a tragic loss for the fashion and media industry. We shall all miss her terribly! May Allah give her family and especially her husband the strength to cope with this huge loss!”

Adnan Pardesy/fashion designer

  Adnan Pardesy - File photo
Adnan Pardesy – File photo

“I met her for the first time in 2011! She was a very polite, sweet girl. I did a shoot with her for my Axiomatic collection and that’s when I got to know her.”

“She had 16 wardrobe changes and she did not utter a single word of complaint. It was a massive, marathon 12-hour photo shoot. I was very impressed with her and her attitude was phenomenal!”

“It’s such shocking news of her demise. She was so young and had recently gotten married! It just goes on to tell you that life is unpredictable and there is nothing that comes with a guarantee. May her soul rest in peace and that Allah give her family strength to bear such a huge loss.”

Zaheer Abbas, fashion designer

  Zaheer Abbas. -File photo
Zaheer Abbas. -File photo

“I first met Sana Khan at Veet Miss Super Model photo-shoot, where I dressed all the contestants.”

“Apart from good looks, she was a great soul, humble and down-to-earth.”

“I don’t have words to describe my feelings for this shocking news. A big loss indeed!”

Fayyaz Ahmed, photographer

  Fayyaz Ahmed. -File photo
Fayyaz Ahmed. -File photo

“Gone too soon. I met her for the first at my studio when she came for her Miss Veet Super Model 2011 portfolio in which I was a judge as well. She was a quiet and an almost shy girl but really exploded with energy once she stepped in front of the camera. May she rest in peace.”