Schools & Colleges Remain Closed On 3rd January in Karachi

imagesCA9EDE5JKarachi: Around the holy occasion of Chelum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) schools and colleges will remain closed today.. Holy processions are held about this day through the particular sects. Included in the day, the college and schools will stay closed. However, offices and banks might be opened in morning. Markets and departmental stores will be opened. Frequent holidays and strikes in the United States in the mourning days, celebrations affect badly the studies of students. Observance of these holidays leads to immense lack of studies towards the students. While speaking towards the reporter, mother of 15 years old Rehan stated that holidays bring loss towards the students while capitalizing the colleges and also the transporters who charge fee for the entire month. Government should devise proper system before with any strike and holidays keeping in concern those activities and occurrences.

Included in the security plan, prohibit continues to be enforced within the town of Lahore on pillion riding. Since the majority of the metropolitan areas are hit by explosive device blasts on such holy occasions.