Separate Siraiki Province- MQM

MULTAN: Altaf Hussain MQM chief in the rally demanded a separate province for Seraiki people and asked for 5 universities in South Punjab.

While addressing Multan rally MQM chief said that politicians belonging to feudal system spent their money on their election and recovered all expenses with nation interest after attainment of assemblies.

MQM is the sole party which had never ever sold its tickets. He added, he also condemns the patwari culture and police in Punjab.

Two universities for this region is a complete injustice with the area students. MQM chief demanded for a separate Agriculture university for this region.

MQM party offers opportunity to people of middle classes to stand for assemblies. He added

MQM chief said that MQM has its representatives in Kashmire and Gilgit Bultistan as well.

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