Shahzeb murder case

190643_472599549443545_1916488744_nShahrukh Jatoi, key accused in Shahzeb Khan murder situation, resides in the residence of the Dubai-based businessman and legal formalities are now being implemented to extradite him to Pakistan, UAE government confirmed. Sources stated, the possible lack of coordination between your foreign offices of these two nations is hampering Shahrukh’s arrest while Dubai police might arrest him if situations are matched correctly. Only an arrest request continues to be delivered to the UAE Interpol and Interpol offices all over the world by Pakistani Interpol. Based on the UAE government, Jatoi continues to be placed on the Exit Control List as there’s no feeling of emergency on their own part and also the Dubai government authorities wouldn’t arrest Jatoi unless the legal formalities are met. Meanwhile AVCC SP Niaz Ahmed Khosa leaves for Dubai go ahead and take accused into custody of the children after Islamabad Interpol released a diffusion notice rather than a red warrant. Jatoi had fled to Dubai on 12 , 27 following the Murder of Shahzeb Khan of the small dispute. Police suspect he used another person’s boarding pass when his ticket was cancelled in the last second. On Wednesday, the Lahore High Court granted one-day bail to Sikandar Jatoi, father of Shahzaib Khan Murder situation, as witnesses in Karachi stated Siraj Talpur as the one who shot in the 20-years old. The bail orders were released through the LHC on Sikandar’s request he desired to appear prior to the Top Court to record his statement within the situation. Sikandar stated that there have been chances the Karachi Police might arrest him to interrogate for that murder.