solo art exhibition-Ijazul Hassan

UnknownLahore – A solo art exhibition by Ijazul Hassan required-off on Friday evening in the Lahore Memorial. A lot of people attended the outlet ceremony. The exhibition includes you use 39 works of art, all oil on canvas however in diverse scales. The exhibition will stay open till 19th January. In excusive talk to Pakistan Today, artist Ijaz-ul-Hassan stated that his inspiration was his surroundings. He stated he attempted to illustrate bitter facts of existence. He further stated he saw four martial laws and regulations in the existence coupled with been arrested and jailed every time. He stated that certain of his works of art portrayed a guy searching in the world from in jail, aching to get out of jail time. He added any time a youthful artist requested him for advice; he always stressed on a single lesson encounters within an individual’s existence. He stated that non-public encounters could sometimes be the greatest supply of inspiration. Professor Dr Aurangzeb Alamgir of Punjab College stated that I have known Ijaz from 1976 and the works of art are inspiring.