Strong democratic system is imperative for Pakistan-Richard Olson

burninflagUS Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson stated a powerful democratic product is imperative for Pakistan and all sorts of political parties wish to keep your democracy intact in the country Richard Olson stated Washington values democratic system in Pakistan and wanted free and fair elections. He stated his country would accept outcomes of general elections as strengthening of democracy and also the condition institutions in Pakistan is the necessity of hour. Also, he stated the US doesn’t support any particular political party but democracy along with a peaceful end from the long march is encouraging. He added that it’s the right of those of Pakistan to determine for any better future and operate in symphony. He further stated the country desired to strengthen the institutions in Pakistan and becoming an ambassador he didn’t meet anyone on individual basis and that he usually met using the heads of all of the political parties with no discrimination. The United States Ambassador stated holding of conferences with political figures and businessmen is really a routine matter.