Sufficient Wheat Stocks in Pakistan

452558-wheat-1350441335-128-640x480Wheat harvest 2013 brings wealth to wheat farmers as Punjab government has planned to make sure acquisition of expected bumper ‘golden crop’ this year.When world grain reserves are extremely precariously low that tornados within the food-conveying nations might trigger a significant hunger crisis this season, Secretary Food Department Irfan Ali expressed the arrogance that Punjab has enough wheat reserves up until the approaching of recent harvest season.  Irfan stated that though you will find crises of loadshedding, gas shortage, CNG crisis and many more but Punjab government would ensure no wheat or sugar crisis within the province in next season.Within the coming harvest, the federal government has planned to buy 4 million a lot of wheat at support cost introduced by the us government. This past year the prospective was a bit low that disturbed the wheat farmers. The April 2013 harvest brings wealth for that maqui berry farmers and materialise Punjab government’s imagine eco-friendly Punjab and prosperous formar.