Syed Naveed Qamar addresses the Launch Roundtable of PILDAT Report

events_13-01-30_img_04Let’s judge the processes and concepts of democracy, set up through the coalition Government in five years, through the upcoming election, stated Syed Naveed Qamar, MNA, Federal Minister for Defence while addressing the Launch Roundtable of PILDAT Set of the Assessment of Quality of Democracy in Pakistan. Nominated in the PM of Pakistan to represent the federal government in the Launch Roundtable, Syed Naveed Qamar congratulated PILDAT for what he termed as serving as a watchdog on democracy and stated that we’re grateful for PILDAT’s independent, non-partisan view on processes and democracy that it’s been providing through the years. He stated that no matter outcomes of public opinion polls today, the most crucial test of democracy is going to be through free and fair election, the greatest and actual poll which is in a couple of months’ time. The very first time in Pakistan, democratic government authorities in the center as well as in provinces is going to be chosen in or out based on their performance at work. He stated the ranking of democracy in Pakistan will receive a boost there. A lot more than anytime in the history of Pakistan, steps happen to be taken to set up place electoral reforms to permit for a level-playing field