Syrian Army Aggression Continued on Fourth Day, Killed 19 More Inhabitants of Homs

Syrian army continued bombing Homs the third largest city of Syria for the fourth straight day. Bloody bombing, army raids and firings killed 19 more civilians. Strike against the government brutal activities was also observed across Syria.

Ali Baba colony of the city of Homs had been the prime target of Syrian army for the fourth consecutive day, resulting in acute shortage of food, medicine, water and other necessities of life threatening to a great human crisis, media representatives said.

The capital Damascus has also been the prime place of clashes between Syrian troops and protesters. Army raids and firings have also wounded 7 persons in Damascus, while one hit by bullets rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Security forces tortured the traders and shopkeepers who had kept their outlets closed on the call of a strike against the government. They warned the strikers of strict action if they would become part of the strike. Several shopkeepers were beaten and forced to open their shops.

This is the time when a group of Arab league observers is present in the country and bloodshed of innocent civilians continues.

According to the UN report, more than 5,000 civilians have been killed in nine month old uprising in Syria.