Tauqir Sadiq nabbed in Abu Dhabi

151512_40167533(OGRA) chief Tauqir Sadiq in Abu Dhabi is charged with misusing authority, embezzling funds and leading to Rs 82 billion deficits towards the national exchequer. He allegedly converted operating earnings (regular earnings) into non-operating earnings in breach of the agreement signed using the Asian Development Bank and also the World Bank, and it is charged with moving several CNG stations and illegal visits. Sadiq is the brother-in-law of Pakistan People’s Party’s Secretary General Jehangir Badar. On Tuesday, a personal TV funnel had reported that NAB could be showing a study within the SC where the Bureau stated that Sadiq had handled to flee arrest with the aid of his close relative Jehangir Badar and Interior Minister Rehman Malik. The report stated that Badar assisted Sadiq escape to Islamabad with the Freeway (M-2), after which assisted him flee the nation with Malik’s help.