Textile Sector near closure

Intensive gas and electricity load-shedding has badly affected the hub of textile sector Faisalabad well known as Manchester of Pakistan, 0.3 Million people have lost their jobs due to closure of the textile and its associated industries.

MNA from Faisalabad Fazal Kareem, speaking on a point of order in the National Assembly said his city was a business hub after Karachi and playing a key role in economic development of the country but unjustified load-shedding and shortage of gas has affected business activities. The situation is being worsened day by day increasing miseries of labor force. He urged that government should review their polices on urgent basis to resolve these problems, adding that 12 to 15 hours of electricity load-shedding in Faisalabad and no proper supply of gas to the industrial sector has worsened the situation.