Three family members murdered mysteriously in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi-A couple who got   a love marriage was hanged to dying alongwith their one-year-old daughter on Saturday evening after providing them with intoxicated syrup in Fauji Colony area within the jurisdiction of Pirwadhai police station.Brother from the girl is suspected from the triple murder. Based on particulars Tassawar Hussain owned by Mandi Bahauddin together with his wife Saadia and baby daughter Noor Fatima found Fauji colony a couple of several weeks back.The daily wage earner, Tassawar apparently arranged a court marriage with Saadia from the will from the group of Saadia. A situation seemed to be filed through the family Saadia against Tassawar for kidnapping but Saadia made an appearance prior to the court and gave her statement towards her husband and also the situation was released. Fearing for existence, Tassawar together with his family moved to Rawalpindi and stored his presence secret. However after a while both families began meeting. On evening between Saturday or sunday, brother of Saadia found their property for supper.Police stated that whenever who owns the home investigated their room on Sunday, he saw the 3 hanging using the hook of ceiling fan and informed law police.