Troubled times for Team India

New Delhi: MS Dhoni’s rotation policy hasn’t found favor with many. Virender Sehwag was quite dull with his criticism. Is the crack in the Indian team all too open now?

The Indian cricket team has been going through some attempting times in Australia for an attractive long time now. After the Test clean sweep, victories in the CB Series are also few and far among.

To create matters worse, there looks to a fair amount of mistake and miscommunication within the team, with Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the senior cricketers in the side obviously at odds about the rotation policy, as also aspersions cast on the seniors for their lack of speed and mobility in the field.

Do you consider there is a serious rift in the team?

Do you concur with Dhoni’s point and Virender Sehwag’s counter point?

Do place in your remarks and let us know how you think about the complete.