Turkish Warplanes Kill 23 in South-Eastern Turkey

An airstrike near the village of Uludere in Sirnak province by Turkish warplanes, killed at least 23 people, Officials say. The village of Uludere is located near the border with Iraq.

Airstrike took place on Wednesday night as victims were trying to cross the border on mules and they were carrying the drums of diesel. As a result of attack, these diesel drums were exploded and people got burned.

The Mayor of Uludere confirmed that there were 30 bodies and all had been burned.

Provincial governor Vahdettin Ozkan said more than 20 people died in this airstrike.

“A crisis centre is being formed at the scene and prosecutors and security officers were sent there,” he told Anatolia news agency.

This airstrike by Turkish warplane might be a part to check the smuggling across the border. Smuggling of fuel and cigarettes is common along the villages of border.