Two Israeli Strikes on Gaza Kill one and injure a dozen Palestinians

Brutal strikes by Israel assassinated at least one Palestinian and injured more than 10, two of them are in critical condition, in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

Israeli air strikes on Palestinians are continued for decades. In most recent strikes, a Palestinian named Abdallah al-Telbani, 22, was killed as he was riding in a motorized rickshaw Jabaliya refugee camp in the north of the strip. Other casualties are not reported yet as a result of north attack.

In another air strike, the target was a jeep which was traveling east of Gaza strip, left 10 seriously injured Palestinians, health ministry officials confirmed.

An Israeli military statement told the targets of the air strikes were adherents of hardline Jihadi movement of Gaza Strip.

“Following the targeting of a global jihad affiliated terrorist and an additional member… aircraft targeted an additional terrorist squad affiliated with the global jihad terror movement,” it further explained