Two journalists were locked up by lawyers

black coat lockupLAHORE – Two journalists were secured by lawyers inside a bar room for recording claims of the litigant whose property situation continues to be pending since 1993.Per particulars, Tauqeer Ahmed of Beginning News and Amir Sohail of FM-103 were recording claims of Nazir Ahmed outdoors a legal court premises whenever a couple of lawyers manhandled the 2 reporters and said excitedly to depart a legal court premises. Nevertheless the reporters opposed the illegal demands from the black jackets. Upon refusal to conform, the reporters were detained for hrs inside a bar room where these were instructed to spend their tracks of Nazir’s issues. The Lahore Court Reporters Association (LCRA) lodged a complaint using the Lahore Bar’s Association’s office bearers plus some senior lawyers got the reporters launched consequently. Earlier Nazir had told the reporters that his situation was pending since 1993 despite the fact that a National Judicial Policy (NJP) has been stated .The NJP purchased that district courts shall get rid of cases quickly and justly. He came to the conclusion the lawyers representing each side were unnecessarily further complicating the situation to extract greater costs. Meanwhile the lawyers accused the reporters were irritating the problem by invoking the litigants against them.