Various incidents of violence in Karachi

incidents-of-violence-claim-seven-lives-in-karachi-1342256156-1991Firing by unknown gunmen killed two persons and injured another near Qauid-i-Azam’s mausoleum on Monday morning. In another incident a guy was killed in Sohrab Goth section of Karachi.A political party activist along with a two-year-old child were gunned lower in News Karachi’s Sector 5-J.An appearance bearing torture marks was discovered near Dua hotel on Mauripur road in Karachi’s Lyar area.Two more persons were wiped out in Bakra Piri and Musa Lane section of Lyari.Someone else was shot to death in Surjani town area.An eight-year-old child was killed after he was hit with a stray bullet in Orangi town section of Karachi.Another guy was killed in Mehran town in Karachi’s Korangi area.A couple, together with a political party worker, were wiped out and the other was injured  in separate occurrences of firing in New Karachi’s Sector 5-J and 5-E.Firing by rival drug dealing gangs hurt six children in Orangi town’s New Mianwali area.Furthermore, police arrested four suspected thieves inside the remit of Mister Syed police station and stated to possess retrieved stolen cell phones and weapons in the suspects.