Wheat Planting-1% rise in sindh

Wheat1-640x480ISLAMABAD – The wheat planting in Sindh Province was elevated by 1 % as in comparison towards the planting of the identical period this past year as about .98 million hectare of land continues to be put underneath the crop to date compared to the .97 million hectare of this past year. Wheat crop continues to be cultivated on over 8 million hectare of land across the nation throughout the present Rabi season to cater the domestic demand as well as for export purpose, stated the official within the Secretary of state for National Food Security and Research (MinNF&R). Speaking to Application here Tuesday, he stated that wheat planting in the United States throughout same duration of this past year was recorded at 8.a million hectares. He further informed that crop planting over the wheat creating areas of the nation was acceptable because of timely rains in rain-given areas and cultivation got momentum in arid areas because of rise in wheat support cost and accessibility to other inputs. In Punjab wheat crop continues to be cultivated over 5.$ 30 million hectare as in comparison to six.$ 30 million hectares of this past year showing a loss of about 1 %, he added. Meanwhile, other provinces including Baluchistan and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa have cultivated wheat over .234 million hectares and a million hectare correspondingly.