Wife is more worthy than KP chief minister

ISLAMABAD: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti claims to have little over Rs300,000 cash but insists his wife owns a considerably large property and business ventures, including shares in a Dubai-based transport company. As shown in his statement of assets filed with the Election Commission for the financial year 2011-12, Mr Hoti has Rs300,000 cash in hand and Rs7,000 in three banks accounts but owns no house or car. However, his wife possesses more than 18 acres of land in Mardan and that is valued at Rs10.99 million. She also has around Rs3.3 million worth of shares in a Dubai-based transport company, around Rs11.44 million shares in two CNG stations and 20 tola gold. Mr Hoti is owner of Rs300,000 furniture but has no liability. The statements of assets show that provincial higher education minister Qazi Mohammad Asad Khan has Rs1.18 million worth of nine weapons, eight bank accounts and six vehicles. The total value of his assets comes to Rs66 million. Education minister Sardar Hussain Babak has Rs283,000 cash and 25-tola gold but owns no car. Livestock minister Haji Hidayatullah Khan and his family owns 15 properties. His total assets are worth Rs154.56 million, including Rs5.96 million cash in hand or in bank accounts. He doesn’t own a car, however. Auqaf and religious affairs minister Namroz Khan’s assets are valued at Rs127.5 million but he owns no car. He has to pay Rs20 million loan. Sports and culture minister Aqil Shah owns Rs10 million worth of Green GroupHotels, while his other assets are valued at Rs5.5 million. He, too, is without a car. Worth of IT minister Ayub Khan’s assets is more than Rs36 million but he has no car, while law minister Sher Azam Khan Wazir says his Rs10 million worth of commercial plaza is under construction, while his other assets, including cash, are valued at more than Rs3 million. He, too, is without a car. Zakat and Usher minister M Zarshid Khan has Rs12.8 million worth of 50 kanals land, Rs0.50 million cash in bank accounts and a house in native village. He, however, owns no jewellery or car. Environment minister Wajid Ali Khan has no property except for a Rs8.5 million plot in Hayatabad allotted by the provincial government. Besides, he also has 20-tola gold and Rs550,000 cash in hand and bank accounts. He owns no car. Another cabinet member without car is population welfare minister Saleem Khan whose assets are valued at Rs15.01 million. The only female minister of the province, Sitara Ayaz, and her husband own around Rs10.7 million worth of 45 kanals of agricultural land, business, gold, car and other assets. Senior provincial minister Rahim Dad Khan of PPPP has Rs451 million worth of property and wealth, while other senior minister Bashir Ahmad Bilour of ANP has property and business valued at Rs51.03 million. The other rich members of the provincial assembly are Sher Aslam Khan of PPPP from Mardan who has more than Rs588.9 million assets and 140-tola gold. Fazlullah of PML-Q from Shangla has Rs273.20 million assets, mostly coming from inherited property, while Saqibullah Khan Chamkani of ANP has a total wealth of Rs230.87 million. While a vast majority of rich MPAs have inherited property or businesses, excise and taxation minister Liaquat Ali Shabab became millionaire by luck as last year after winning a Rs10 million prize bond. He also owns one kanal plot in G-8 Markaz in Islamabad and two plots measuring four kanals and two kanals in Hayatabad. His family owns a market in Nowshera. Finance minister Hamayun Khan has Rs233.62 million assets, including Rs195.5 million property. However, the value of his car is ‘nil’ as claimed by him in his statement of assets. Value of law minister Arshad Abdullah’s assets is Rs126.4 million and they include land, businesses and 200-tola gold, while health minister Zahir Ali Shah from Peshawar has Rs49.18 million coming from business and property. Information minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain claims to own Rs17.67 million worth of assets.