Windmills Projects could be helpful for Pakistan’s Energy Problem

windmills_jhimpir_b4completion_file_670Lately President Asif Ali Zardari inaugurated 50MW windmill project in Jhimpir near Thatta. This plant continues to be setup through the Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC). It had been relayed through Project Director Brig (retd) Tariq Aezaz that the price of 50MW wind farm was $134 million. This can be a excellent investment made by Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) also it should expand or launch these kind of projects more.

Project Director of the 50MW windmill project told that price of 50 MW wind farm is $134 million. This means when 10000 MW (7000 MW shortfall is noticed in peak summer time) project is installed it’ll cost you around $2.6 billion (134 million increased by 20 occasions). $2.6 billion means around 260 billion rupees. The total amount is large but when ones invested it will likely be the easiest way of creating energy. It will help Pakistan from staying away from purchasing fuel for energy generation.

Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has stated to possess invested around $1 billion during the last 4 years in a variety of massive project. If KESC spends during these windmill projects, this can ensure KESC that it’ll not need to watch for SSGC gas and WAPDA energy supply.

Based on reviews Pakistan offers a trustworthy wind energy generation capacity well over 350 GW. Pakistan is really a mountainous country with considerable shoreline also it very ideal place for establishing windmill projects. The first investment of those windmills is high but next no large investment is needed. Wind energy can also be very environment friendly that is another positive point.

Due to this windmill energy unit cost of electricity is going to do lower with a large margin. This can also help consumer throughout Pakistan inside a large way. Hopefully once the next government can come after general elections it’ll purchase this windmill projects and can take out  Pakistan from energy crisis.