YDA continued their strike in Govt hospitals

yda-continue-strike-on-12th-consecutive-day-1340955643-8942The young Doctors Association (YDA) ongoing their strike in government-run hospitals from the province on Thursday for that second consecutive day. Regardless of the strike, treatment was presented to patients in medical camps setup outdoors some hospitals from the province. Simultaneously, the Punjab government ongoing its action against doctors on strike and released suspension orders against three more doctors. Furthermore, the provincial government also authorized hospital administrations to do something against doctors leading to obstruction in daily routine procedures. Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique stated the government was applying every point agreed all regarding service structure of doctors, while weekly meeting from the implementation committee appeared to be held regularly to examine it. He expressed these sights in a meeting held to examine the service structure. He stated the choice to provide Rs 1,200 monthly as medical expert allowance to doctors had recently been implemented together with provision of special allowance of Rs 5,000 to FCPS doctors. Regarding 89 days leave towards the doctors, an overview have been delivered to the greater government bodies in connection with this, as the meeting of grievance committee could be known as soon to resolve problems being faced by doctors, he stated.