YDA strike in Gujranwala

YDAYoung doctors of civil hospital continue strike today departing the patients subject to a healthcare facility administration. Causes of the strike aren’t known. Senior doctors however took charge to handle situation. The operation theaters, OPD and Microsoft Office have begun the work they do in routine.M.S Anwar Aman, the senior physician in the hospital has stated that strict actions could be taken against the doctors for such non-professional attitude. Elite forces are also known as to seize control from the situation and also to avoid any miss-happening. Mr Anwar has stated that regardless of the strike we’d have the ability to continue our work. Earlier too the Young Doctor’s Association had observed strikes and cancelled off their works to pressure the authorities to simply accept their requirements. These strikes when observed for day or two, lead to deficits to a lot of lives. Sometimes the situations become highly workable and therefore are handled through the intervention from the top governmental authorities.